Health Benefits

Want to know why Extra Virgin Olive Oil is good for you?

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The health benefits of extra virgin olive oil have long been researched and include:

  • Rich source of monounsaturated fats, which may reduce risks of heart and cardiovascular disease
  • Olive oil contains a wide variety of valuable antioxidants that are not found in other oils. They may help lower bad cholesterol and maintain the beneficial HDL cholesterol
  • Lowering effect on blood pressure.
  • Beneficial during pregnancy and whilst breast feeding
  • Helps to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes
  • Olive oil-rich diets may lead to greater and long lasting weight loss than a low-fat diet
  • Beneficial for the stomach, pancreas and intestines
  • Helps with anti-ageing, osteoporosis and skin damage
  • May help bolster the immune system
  • Contains a protective element which may assist against certain malignant tumours in the breast, prostate, endometrium and digestive tract