Our Grove

Talinga Grove is a fully functioning olive grove, with our trees nearly 20 years old. The varieties in the Grove which we use in our exquisite extra virgin olive oils and olives are:

  • Corregiola/Frantoio
  • Leccino
  • Picual
  • Kalamata
  • Pendolino

Our grove is spectacular! After suffering through the millenium drought it has bounced back with careful management, new climate changed informed practices & lots of attention. Our trees continue to produce fantastic quality fruit, which is showcased in every bottle of Talinga Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Whilst we are not certified organic, we take the approach of minimal synthetic solutions to our grove, instead preferring to mange disease with hand pruning,  managing weeds with a resident flock of Corriedale Sheep (from Wattleglen Corriedales), chooks and mowing.