Our Natural Assets

We are proud to be custodians, not only of a magnificent grove, producing some of the State’s finest extra virgin olive oil, but also to be custodians of a unique area of 5 acres of river banks containing rare flora and fauna, for this area. This special parcel of land is maintained and managed by us, thanks to a grant from the Murray Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board.

We are currently undertaking a long project of restoration and revegetation along our stretch of the Angas River. This workwill be ongoing for many years, but has begun with removing some major weed infestations, collecting local native seed for propagation, revegetation, native fish surveys and dealing with our main pest - rabbits!

At Talinga Grove we have some wonderful bird and animal species including:

  • Rainbow bee-eaters
  • Reed warbler
  • Spotted pardalote
  • Brown goshawks
  • Yellow tailed black cockatoos
  • Black faced cuckoo shrike
  • Swamp rats

We also have some special plant species and some patches of remnant vegetation which we hope to not only protect but to enhance:

  • Christmas Bush
  • Swamp Wattle
  • Redgums estimated at about 500 years old
  • Kangaroo thorn
  • Coastal bitter bush
  • Soft spear grass, wallaby grass and red less grass
  • Punty bush
  • Water ribbons

For more information about our biodiversity works, please contact us.