Talinga Grove has many happy customers all over Australia - we look forward to you becoming one of them!

Hi, I was given a jar of your Face Food as a present and absolutely love it! As a Nutritionist I am constantly on the search for quality personal care products for my clients as I recognise that what we put on our skin ultimately absorbs into the bloodstream and affects us like food does. I will have no hesitation recommending your products now & am excited I have a local SA product to recommend.

Warmest regards, Carla Evans - Nutritionist & Pilates Instructor, BPhEd, BSc, PGDipDiet

Hi Emily, I would love to say how impressed I am with each of your skin care products that I have used.

When I first discovered your products at the Mt Barker Farmers market I was having trouble finding a skin cream that not only worked but did not irritate my skin. I bought my first pot of face food and have been delighted ever since. The products work, my skin is so soft and stays hydrated so I should be wrinkle free very soon.

Recently at the night market you suggested I try the bath oil. Wow what magic in a bottle! No more scaly old lady legs for me, my arms are smooth and there are no flaky bits. This lasts all day, in fact, even if I miss a day my arms remain smooth and yummy. One suggestion for the bottle would be to add one of those plastic things that sit in the top of the neck and make a little squirt hole. I think it would be better for applying particularly in the shower.

All in all thank you for such wonderful products I am looking forward to the online shop and I'm hoping you will be selling small sample pots as well as I love to give them away to friends etc.

Every girl likes a good hand cream in their drawer at work.

Regards Annie

Hi There, Just thought I'd tell you my family has become addicted to your oils and dukkah.

It started last year when I won a Hamper on 3AW and a bottle of your oil was in it. Since then, I've been buying the oils regularly - lime and garlic are our favourites. A lady up at that store in the Dandenong's told me she coats her fish in dukkah and then fries it lightly in just a tiny bit of lime oil. I do that and would never cook fish any other way, now. It's beautiful stuff. The Dandenong's is a bit far as we live in Hoppers Crossing, right across town but I first thought that store was yours as the people there are so knowledgeable about your stuff. Anyway, what we do now is make it a bit of a fun trip and normally take friends and we stock up. So far, I think three of my girlfriends are converts and last time, Julie grabbed a couple of your hand creams as well.

Well done - just thought I'd pass it on. Laura