The people behind Talinga Grove are all one big happy family! Sunday lunches find us all grubby and starving as we tuck into a wine and some bread, olives, cheese and dukkah to debrief the week past and plan the week ahead!

Emily Jenke – Mother of three delightful and spirited children, Emily has a Bachelor of Agricultural Business, plus 10 years in the Ag/Natural Resources Sector which she brings to the venture. Emily balances her role at TG with a thriving facilitation/community engagement business and also is a Board member on the SA Murray Darling Basin Natural Resource Management Board. Emily and Paul live at the Grove-stead.

Paul Jenke – Grove Manager & general strong/tall man around the Grove! Paul has a Bachelor of Science (Agriculture) and has worked in the cropping/fertiliser/seed industry for his successful career so far. Paul continues in his role with Pioneer Hi-Bred Australia as the SA Area Manager. When he's home, he's found checking drippers, fixing machinery, lifting heavy stuff, and being a rock for Emily in the Grove-stead!

Christine Gilliver – "TG GiGi", mum of Emily, Dukkah Master & all-round Boss Lady! Christine has bucked the trend and undertaken a full time production role at TG, just when she should be doing the reverse! For the last 15 years, Christine has run SA's premier dryland Lavender Farm, Talinga Farm , selling dry, fresh and bulk lavender flowers. GiGi spends countless hours blending, roasting, grinding, mixing, packing, labelling, bottling...and we love her for it!

Bob Gilliver – Talinga's Brains Trust! Bob currently is the Director of the International Graduate School of Management at UniSA a role which he enjoys immensely! He transforms on the weekends into Bob the Olive Bloke, taking control over the production and packing of our Kalamata Olives – we think it takes him to a far off Italian village.... His stewardship of our team is a crucial part of how we work – he is the visionary who throws out the challenges to us all just when we think we're comfortable!

Fleur Gilliver - the youngest of the Gilliver clan, Fleur has recently taken over the position of Sales Manager for Talinga Grove. She is based in Adelaide, which puts her in the ideal position to service our 60+ customers in town and surrounding suburbs. She is also more than willing to spend a day working on the farm, and can often be found in the shed sorting and packaging our award winning olives.

Isabella, Hugo & Lily complete the picture, with these bundles of explosive energy lighting up our lives and our work. The three Jenke kids, whilst still youngsters, have learnt the finer points of Kalamata pickling and emerge from an afternoon in the sheds with little black mouths and black shirts! They keep us all busy, but they constantly remind us for who we are working so hard for!