Kalamata Olives


Talinga Grove's multi award winning Kalamata Olives are handpicked by our family and friends in mid-June every year! We make an event of picking and enjoy laughs, good food and wine together over a trestle table in the grove each lunchtime! When the day is over the work doesn’t stop – we naturally brine our olives in rainwater and salt to produce an olive that is fresh, crisp and full of flavour.

How to use: Try our delicious Kalamata olives as a picnic pack with our Talinga Grove Dukkah, Talinga Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil and some fresh crusty bread. Create a quick Mediterranean inspired meal by tossing fresh tomatoes, chorizo and our olives into a hot pan, add your favourite pasta and a lug of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to finish. Or simply enjoy them on their own!

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