Which Olive Oil should you choose?

If you look inside the average Australian family’s pantry, you might be shocked to find an increasingly large portion of it devoted to oil.

Representing a range of cuisines and uses, from peanut to canola, coconut to avocado, it seems there’s a different oil for just about every recipe you come across these days!

Our advice? Keep it simple and keep it healthy with Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil (AEVOO).

Not only is it the heathiest oil around, AEVOO is also incredibly versatile – from Asian cuisine to slow cooking, shallow frying and roasting, there’s nothing the humble AEVOO can’t do.

In fact, while European producers only grow a small variety of olives, which tend to define their regions (similar to wine appellations), Australia is home to hundreds of different olive varieties and styles of EVOO to play with. These range from those with mild flavours, through to the more classic and then the truly robust, so you can choose the level of flavour you need for every dish.

In addition to its versatility, when it comes to AEVOO you don’t have to worry about the harmful saturated fats found in alternative cooking oils.

AEVOO is high in good (monounsaturated) fats and is also a winner when it comes to antioxidants, which means it can help to control cholesterol and improve your heart health.

(Australian Olive Association)

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