Biscotti (By Patrice Newell)

bread oil olives

Patrice’s beautiful book “Tree to Table” is a stalwart at Talinga Grove. It’s a must for any lover of olives and olive oil. It is available through Penguin or at all good bookstores.

1 ½ cups spelt flour

¾ cup sugar

½ tsp carb soda

½ tsp baking powder

Juice of one lime or lemon’

Zest of the lemon

1 egg

½ cup extra virgin olive oil


Mix the dry ingredients, add the oil, lightly beaten egg and lemon juice  and zest and stir with a spoon until it gets doughy. Turn it out onto a floured bench. Cut in half.  Mould it so it makes 2 logs.  It doesn’t need a lot of handling – like scone mixture…. Bake it 180 for 15 minutes…depending on the size you make -  until it is firm.

Then remove from oven cool for 5 minutes, until you can touch it easily   and then cut through on an angle to the sizes to want  and turn them over to bake on their side. They may need cooking both sides. But I usually don’t.

 I use whatever wheat flour I have,  and add chocolate and or nuts and spice  and a tad more oil to make up the addition of dry ingredients…..and because I want to keep my teeth I never over cook it.

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